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SantaKing - the New Token that gives gifts to its holders!

💸  Advent calendar: from December 1 to December 24, you have the opportunity to receive unique gifts, like iphone, airpods, gamer pc, PS5... And all of that, just by being a holder (you must have at least 10 Token). 

💎  1% tax on all transactions is used to finance a common pot to celebrate Christmas on December 25th!

BSC Link:

One SANTA to Rule Them All.

What is Santa King?

Santa King is the cryptocurrency that will allow you to win a lot of gifts while waiting for Christmas! With our advent calendar, you have the opportunity to win GIFTS + FREE DIVIDENDS every day.

From December 1 to 24, every day at 20:00 UTC, we will choose the winners of the advent calendar (filmed draw).


On December 4th, x1 lord of the rings dvd package ($69 value) will be given to 1 Holder!



How to participate EASILY in the advent calendar?


  1. Buy at least 25 SantaKing and hold them
  2. Join us on our telegram:
  3. Contact our bot @SantaKingBot on telegram and do /wallet YOURWALLET
  4. It's recorded! Our bot will automatically select the advent calendar winners every night at 8pm UTC, and will announce them on our server.



The huge winner of December 25 will be announced live on December 25.

Your prizes will be sent to the address associated with the winner, directly in BNB.

On Friday, the gifts in the advent calendar will be special.


We will give away Tokens or NFTs, allowing new communities to join us.
For this first Friday, December 3rd, we will start with a classic and give away 100 $SANTAKING. 

Unique and Transparent Tokenomics

Fair Launched - Zero Bots, Zero VC, Zero Cronies

❌ No Private Sale for greedy VCs

❌ No Whitelist for cronies 

❌ No Presale 


Santa King's transaction fees (14%):

 - 5% in bnb rewards, used to purchase BNB which is automatically paid out in dividends to holders every hours

- 4% to fill the Marketing Wallet

 - 3% costs to fill the budget of the advent calendar to make gifts to our holders every day from December 1st to December 24th

- 1% to pay for the incredible December 25th gift

- 1% to fill the Liquidity Pool (burned)


Initial supply

25,000 (25K)


Token Distribution :

Developper Wallet: 7% (slipt in 2 wallets: 2* 3,5%)

Marketing & Promotion Wallet: 2%

Liquidity: 91% (burned & locked with DeepLock)


Launching :

Stealth Launch in November 

Initial Liquidity: 1K$ (potential to make a huge multiplier)


Anti-Whale System:

No one can hold more than 3,5% of the supply in one wallet (875 $SANTAKING) 

With Great Rewards 

Comes Great Security. 

Liquidity is Locked


To avoid rugs, the liquidity is locked! We will block it at launch for 1 month with DeepLock, and we will increase the lock at the end of this 1 month.

Contract is Audited


 e will ask Tech Audit to audit the contract to attract even more investors.

Public Contract


When the contract is released, it will be visible to all. Nothing is kept secret, that's the magic of open source (we are a bit like Twitch in fact)!

After being rugged dozens of times, having divided by 20 my capital and lost thousands of $ in the middle of a bull run, I feel that this is the one.  I'M F*CKING ALL IN !

- Patrick, a famous Headless Chicken.

Our Roadmap to the Moon !

 ▸ Stage #1

•  Secret Website launched

•  White Paper written and approved by the community

•  Social Media Early Presence

•  Organic Awareness

•  1000 Telegram users  

▸ Stage #2

•  PooCoin Ads

•  DexTools Trending

•  Website Revamp

•  Community Building

•  Massive BNB Airdrops for holders

•  5000 Telegram member

•  CoinMarketCap

•  CoinGecko

•  Audit completed

•  Listing CEX Hotbit/Whitebit/

•  Influencer marketing push

•  10000 Telegram members

 ▸ Stage #3 Take Over the World (and the Moon)


SantaKing will allow us to found a stacking platform that is in development. This platform will generate passive income all your life. This new project will be released in January, and SantaKing holders will have access to the presale (you will have to get at least 50 SKING).

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